Frequently Asked Questions

 1) Does the Game Truck you are planning to book have vibrating special effect seating that actually reacts to in-game actions and sounds?


2) Does the game truck have limo style seats, LED flashing lights and offers an environment that is clean, prestigious, roomy and classy or does the game truck, like most, offer just 4 TV’s on a wall with a bench inside or folding chairs?


3) Do they have trained GameMasters that keep all the guests interacting and engaged with one another to maximize on the amount of fun?


4) Is there room on-board the theater for guests to stand, walk around?


5) Are all of the major video gaming consoles (PS5, XBOX, Nintendo Switch) available?


6) Do they offer a back Stage that allows 4 additional players to game on an outside stage equipped with lights, railings and music?


7) Do they offer additional playing TV screens on the outside of the theater?


8) Are you able to play dancing games outside the trailer so that the trailer isn’t rocking/moving on the inside?   



The answer to ALL of these questions when speaking to Johnny would be a resounding YES! Surf City Game Truck provides it all and then some. We know that we built the absolute best game truck in the business, come experience the difference with us!