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Planning your next SCGT party or event is easy.

1.Visit our website and learn about our various products we offer that currently includes; Video Game Truck Theater, Indoor or Outdoor Laser Tag.

2.Review the various pricing packages online per the type of product(s) that you are interested in and read our product FAQ’s for more detailed information.

3.Either fill out one of our Contact Information forms online or call us at 805-754-9000 and speak to Johnny who will check your requested date availability and help answer any other questions you may have and/or book your party.

4.Once your party is booked; We will send you an TEXT/EMAIL confirmation within 24 hours followed up with a second TEXT confirmation the week of your party/event followed by a personal phone call to give you peace of mind that we are coming. There is nothing worse than booking a party weeks or months prior and not hearing from a company until the day of your event.


What is your refund and cancellation policy for your Game Truck and Laser Tag Products? A deposit of $150.00 is required for all party bookings to reserve your date and time. This amount is non refundable. If a conflict does arise and a change of date and/or time needs to be made there is a $25.00 rebooking fee if the change takes place at least 14 days prior to your event and if we can still accommodate you. The full amount of the party is due upon services rendered. For Holiday dates a full pre-payment is required and there are no refunds given.

What happens to my starting time if my guests don’t move their cars fast enough or we aren’t ready at the time we booked?

Our starting time begins at the time you contracted us for as long as we arrive 10 minutes earlier. The biggest delay in getting started on time is due to parents and their guests having to move their cars out of the way. We highly advise you to have all cars moved from the area we are parking in before we arrive so that you will get the full time period that you booked.

Who is responsible for obtaining a city permit if my party is at a public park?

Is there any extra fee? 'IF' you are required to obtain your cities public “use permit”. All cities have different requirements and most will require you to obtain a city permit for our Video Game Truck Theater, Outdoor Laser Tag products. We highly recommend that you contact the city months in advanc to reserve your spot. Some cities make it cost prohibitive for mobile entertainment companies to operate in their parks (i.e. Garden Grove). If we currently do not have a permit for your city we will split the cost of that permit with you. If that city requires additional insurance waivers and forms over and above our standard insurance form supplied by our insurance company those costs must be passed along to you.